John Dickenson frontpage frame The Dickenson Family
Dad: John Francis Paul Dickenson .
Mum: Nikki Valentine Dickenson .
Son: Matthew Francis Richard Dickenson .
John's Dad: Francis Morrell Dickenson . 1919 - 2006 Tribute
John's Mum: Yvonne Marie Dickenson . 1921 - 1991
John's Uncle: Ken Hyde Dickenson 1922 - 2017 Tribute
Nikki's Dad: Nat Temple. 1913 - 2008 Tribute
Nikki's Mum: Freda Temple 1921 - 2005
Nikki's Sisters: Lynda ; Susan ; Stephen, Mandy and Ben; (born Nov 2004).

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Our current working lives:-
John was working for NDS (now part of Cisco) as a Systems Engineer until redundancy in 2014. He then had contracts in 2015 and 2017 building 24 OB vehicles each time for HawkEye (Sony) and has been freelancing with the BFi.
He is now permanently (but part time) employed at Hawkeye
CV available for download (as a .pdf) here.
Nikki is an independent consultant for Cambridge Weight Plan.
Matthew has finished at Salford University (Manchester), getting a 2-1 B.SC.Hons. in Sports Rehabilitation. After taking a year to go travelling (again) with Lucy , he is now working in a management role at Salford Watersports Centre.

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March 2018
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